Household Encyclopedia – True to Value

Another book that came by the book sale was a True-Value Hardware Household Encyclopedia in paperback. Although yellowed with age as the other one the paper back is in fine condition. Either the owner didn’t care about cleaning and such or someone did it for them.

Household blogging begins with CLEANING TOOLS:

“In general, well-selected good-quality tools pay for their extra cost in their efficiency and in the time and energy they save.

Brooms: (before nylon – I wonder how it would compare) Fiber brooms cost more than those of broomcorn, but last several times as long an are more satisfactory to use. A good broom has comparatively few split ends and these should be short. When stored, these brooms, like others should be hung or rested on the end of the handle.”

At work any broom sitting on its bristles finds itself on its handle after my passing by. I wonder what the facilities staff makes of this. Outside of LeClaire Iowa is a festival to the north. It maybe held weekly or otherwise regularly but this is uncertain. There are popcorn kettle popping, jams being made, twine being turned into rope, and broom making out of broomcorn. Now broomcorn is really a corn, which is surprising. It is grown for the tassels and not the seed. Whisk brooms and long handle brooms can be seen and seen made there. If you are in the area other places to go are the Buffalo Bill Homestead and Museum, the Cody Road Distillery, and the American Pickers Antique Archeology headquarters.

Mager, N. H. & Mager, S. K. (1973). True-value hardware stores: Household endylopedia. New York: Pocket Books. (Page 3).


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