Library 200 as a required class has gone from being a tedious burden on time to proof that information is relevant and so is the information community seeking it.

Without a textbook the amount of information to organize and manage was initially overwhelming. Determining the flow of the material was difficult. In part this was an organizational style differences between the instructor and myself as well as the other that of the virtual classrooms. The organization was confusing and required an inordinate amount of double-checking and triple-checking. Even still information was buried or changed setting off anxiety. It felt like a virtual sand trap at times.

Canvas is a new system for teachers and students and this fact could contribute to the information communication hiccups. A tighter organizational uniformity for the required foundation classes could help ease students into the virtual classroom. Understanding that workplace environments require flexibility with personal styles and personalities, a professor’s personal style might be limited to the content or presentation.

The content of the class, at first seemed not irrelevant but obvious. Of course different people or communities are going to want different things, and find it differently. I am ashamed to say it had me rolling my eyes.   The user experience study opens up closed minds to perspectives that are not obvious and are relevant. The class exposed the types of assumptions I have made and I observed in the blogs of other classmates; one being that we all seek information in the same way or can presume to know what is important to that community.

Library staff as an information community had scant research, literature or information communities outside that of the professional librarian. The staff of the public library may draw on the research of other information communities; the information community of the common workplace, the academic library information community, other library specializations, or library management and administration resources; however this lack of research raises an eyebrow by its nature as a group of information professionals.

The processing of LIBR200 assignments and lectures merged on a final composition – one that built itself with focus and intent. And although the syllabus was hard to follow the consequence was a mission fulfilled. The instruction and assignments for the class illuminated the communities, users and research protocols, and culminated in fundamental skills for research, writing, and understanding of information and its various communities. Which when going forward will bring sensitivity and understanding to the customer services experience.


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