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It is time for that fork in the road again.  What to chose as an information community topic.  This is going to be an important decision.  High school students come to reference all the time with science fair projects that have a wonderful premise but would need a federal grant to complete.  So taking this into consideration, Public Library reference or Adult Readers Advisory seem safer topics.  It has been observed in previous training that men prefer non-fiction reading.  Could that be true?  What is the point at which a shift might be made to fiction?  How might fiction readers transition to non-fiction?  How do readers read?  What do they look for?  Does it matter?  Do they pick the book by the cover?




Where the river meets the sea

Where the river meets the sea is the end of the track and a muddy, salty mix of water.  Along that four mile stretching finger are towns.  Which side of the track is the wrong side of the track; those seaside or those riverside?   Those towns of driftwood, rusting barrels, and tin sheets stand against the wind, against the weather, against all that says you may not live.

Atlantico Colombia