Archive | April 2014

Everyday there is a fork in the road unequivocally poking its tines into the ground declaring Pick!  Each choice brings you to a new choice, a new fork in the road. 

 Sometimes the fork is a pickle fork and sometimes, a salad fork. Sometimes it is a terrific  old silver plated family heirloom of a serving fork grandly stating remember me, Ha you thought I was gone but here you are back at THIS fork in the road. YOU thought You were done, or I was done or we were done, or just HA!

Each road, each decision brings you closer to or further from reality, closer to or further from Good, closer to of further from who you were created to be. 



In the Beginning

In the beginning was the Word…Press.  And the Word Press was with God.  And the Word Press was not God. However, (s) he was with God in the beginning and is trying to stay with God to the end.    May God bless this Blog and bring out of it all that is good, even if it hurts.